Eligibility criteria:
a. Nominee and nominator must be a current IANAGH member.
b. Must have contributed actively for a minimum of 1-2 years in the IANAGH.
c. Demonstrate exemplary skills in the field where you are nominated for.
d. One letter of recommendation (from the current chapter President: ianaghpresident@gmail.com).
e. A previous award recipient cannot be nominated for the same category.
f. Awards & Scholarship Committee members are not eligible to apply for the award.
Criteria for Nurse Excellence Awards:
The nomination letter (self/others) should address the following criteria:
a) Exhibits excellence in professional practice.
b) Service at the international, national, or local level as an IANAGH member.
c) Serves as a role model in the nursing profession.
d) Actively contributed to IANAGH in the past two years.
e) Contributes to the improvement of quality of healthcare.

clinical practice -Advance practice RN Nurse educator/ Administer(Required)
Elsy John(Required)
Active member and past president of IANAGH
Nominee's Email(Required)
Nurse, Manager at MD Anderson
Nominee's Address
8659,Halls RetreatCt, Missouri city, Tx. 77459
Nominator's Name(Required)
Girija Babu
Maternal/ Newborn
Nominator's Address
Dr. Elsy John is a Life member of IANAGH and past president of IANAGH for the term 2022. Her work ethics, skills, calm personality, proper decision making , positive mentality and ability to lead the members are great. She is a good leader and keep all members under one umbrella. Any time we call her, she is ready to help. Excellent leader.
Dr.Elsy John currently working as a nurse Manager in MD Anderson Leukemia Clinic/ Bone marrow aspiration clinic. Also working part time as a visiting Professor at Chamberlain College of Nursing.
Dr. Elsy Shaji John Migrated to India in 1990, completed her Nursing education at Bergen County Community College in NJ. in 1999. 2003 moved to Texas, completed her BSN and MSN( Administration) and post master's in Education at University of Houston. There after completed her DNP with Chamberlain College of nursing.. She is a well wisher of IANAGH, organized many volunteering programs. Noticed that she enjoys what she does. She is an inspiration to the new generation
Dr. Elsy is married to Mr. Shaji John has 3 beautiful children. . Her colleague always says , she is one of the most hardworking people
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