From the desk of the President

Sally Joy Samuel, BSN

Sally Joy Samuel, BSN

Dear IANAGH family,

It is my great privilege, honor, and pleasure to have served you as the president of Indian American Nurses Association of greater Houston since 2014.The Indian American Nurses Association, Greater Houston Chapter was formed in 2014 with the primary goal of uniting all nurses of Indian origin and heritage in Houston. Taking a leadership position is always challenging; however, the vision and mission of the organization enable us to achieve our short term and long term goals. The strategic short term goals are to inform nurses about the benefits of joining Indian Nurses Association, recruit more nurses to committees, and offer educational and networking opportunities through nurse’s day celebration and annual meetings, and to increase membership awareness. Long term goals include continuing education programs, Conduct yearly free health fair, recruiting more nursing students to join our organization by offering a 15% discounted cost when they also apply to and attend Grand Canyon University, College of Nursing, offering nursing scholarships, and maintaining competitive member rates.

Our membership continues to develop strong strategic goals and must devote efforts to implement and achieve those goals. The support and generosity of our members and our community is indispensable for the success of our organization. The governing body and advisory board were extremely valuable with providing solid and effective assistance during this past two years. I am so happy to announce that we have several highly qualified and strong professionals in this chapter and I am confident that we are going to be one of the best and most innovative chapters under NAINA. Nurses in this chapter provide high quality nursing care. They promote the profession and assist in creating a peaceful, optimally functional work environment. Our Indian nurses will continue to have a strong voice in issues that affect our profession and patient care. The chapter will maintain its position for enthusiastic, strong leadership. 

The mission and vision of IANAGH is to uphold the images of the Indian nurses in the U.S. as a professional group and to promote the welfare of IANAGH members. We also strive to facilitate professional growth, to identify and pursue the unique professional, social, and cultural needs of our members. 

IANA celebrated nurse’s day in 2014 and 2015 with colorful entertainment. We provided scholarships for nursing students: 7 students in 2014 and 4 students in 2015 in both India and the U.S. This organization conducted several short education classes with and without CEU’s. The speakers consisted of national and regional experts. Several qualified members received prestigious awards and recognitions in 2014 and 2015 according to the guidelines of IANA. Several IANA members received prestigious awards from their respective employers and other organizations were recognized. We recognized new graduates and retired nurses during the gala celebration.

Community Outreach programs:  IANAGH donated $ 500 for Nepali earthquake relief fund. A free health fair, under the leadership of Accamma Kallel, N.P. was given for the Nepali Refugees in 2014 and was held at the St. Cloud Apartments on Hillcroft in Houston. The uninsured residents were very satisfied with the excellent care they received. The children received flu shots, eye exams, and eye glasses. Physical examinations for adult and Children, breast examination for female patients and eye exams for children were conducted by our own Nurse Practitioners. Several patients were referred to the Indian Charity Clinic. Patients were also educated on compliance with Medication, diet, and exercise.

On June 27, 2015 another health fair was collaborated with the Houston Knanaya Catholic community. Almost 200 people attended this health fair. Several tests including vital signs, blood glucose levels, mammograms, ultrasounds, eye examinations, blood donations were done. Medical specialists from neurology, cardiology, and internal medicine were there for consultation during this event. 

The Nurse Practitioners did an excellent job within their scope of practice. Several nurses and educators participated in the health fair. An Occupational Therapist, a social worker, and college students also attended this event.

IANA donated money, raised funds, and participated in the annual walkathon for the American Heart Association in 2014. Our association is also planning to participate in the American Heart Walkathon again this year. 

We have been one of the sponsors for Star of Hope homeless shelter by donating food and gifts for their Christmas party in 2014 and plans are in the works for 2015. 

Four members of this organization attended NAINA cruise conference last year. DR Shainy Varghese was one of the speakers for the national conference. Accamma Kallel N/P was the speaker for the national webinar conference this year.

Currently we are working on nonprofit status. I would like to increase our membership drive also. Annual Membership is only for the calendar year. Annual membership fee only $25.00 and lifetime $150.00. With the IANAGH membership, you can earn membership in Asian Pacific Islander, NAINA, and Ensemina.

Many IANAGH nurses are BSN and MSN graduates; however, many diploma nurses are still taking on-line classes for RN- BSN, MSN, and Nurse Practioner or Clinical Nurse Specialists. A few students are taking DNP or PhD through Grand Canyon University or other approved universities. 

I request more students to enroll in Grand Canyon University as you can receive 15% discount for the education. It is not only beneficial for our members but also for our members’ spouses. All of the above accomplishments are not possible without the dedication and hard work of our Board of Trustees. Colleagues, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the accomplishments and hard work over the past year. May God bless us all!

Thank You